ENRICH Your Biz: The Workshop by Tiffani Purdy

ENRICH Your Biz: The Workshop

a 5-day experience showing you how to use Human Design to start (or enhance!) your profitable online coaching, consulting, or service-based business

What do you REALLY need to do, have, or be to run a successful, profitable online service provider with Human Design?

Let's cut the noise and get real.

The truth is that you've got a huge heart, a desire to help others, a willingness to learn new things, and a magnetic draw to Human Design.

You're ready to put in the work – and you know you've got two options:

☝️ Google all the things, scroll through all the Instagram posts, search all the Pins, and sift through all this information, try to make sense of it on your own, and experiment with ways to put it all together


✌️ Find a mentor who has a proven track record as a successful coach, marketer, communications master, and Human Design Teacher, who can show you how to put it all together and start making an impact and making money ASAP

If you're down for ✌️, keep scrolling.

In this 5-Day workshop, you'll learn:

⚡️ All about The ENRICH Formula™ – how it works, who it's helped, and how it can help you, too

⚡️ Part 1: Information – breaking down the 3 languages that come together to form The ENRICH Formula™

⚡️ Part 2: Demonstration – showing you how the process actually works with some real life examples

⚡️ Part 3: Implementation – what you really need to start making an impact and making money using social media

⚡️ PLUS! Access to the Q&A session, answering tons of questions about ENRICH and making money as an online 1:1 service provider

Meet Your Teacher

Tiffani Purdy is a Human Design Teacher, Energy & Marketing Strategist, and Creator of The ENRICH Formula™ and Influence Imprint Method. She's been helping work-at-home families learn and use Human Design in a down-to-earth, actionable way since 2017. She lives and works from home with her Sacral Generator daughter and Sacral Mani Gen boyfriend in Tampa, Florida.

When you walk away from this 5-Day workshop, you will know exactly how to use The ENRICH Formula™ and what your next steps should be to create massive success in your online service-based business.

You'll get instant access to:

Welcome to the Workshop 👋
Watch the Workshop 🖥
Day 1: Introduction to ENRICH
43 mins
Day 2: The 3 Languages of ENRICH
(1h 03m 13s)
Day 3: ENRICH, in Context
40 mins
Day 4: 4 Steps to Launch Your Business
59 mins
Day 5: Ask Tiffani Anything
(1h 14m 56s)