Introduction to the DreamRave by Tiffani Purdy
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Introduction to the DreamRave

A PENTA Membership masterclass that de-mystifies what goes on when you're dreaming & how to prime your body to get the most rest possible while you're asleep
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June 2020 Masterclass

One of the things that traditional Human Design teaches but rarely elaborates on is that we need to sleep alone. But why?

This masterclass is an introductory 60-minute lesson that teaches an overview of the DreamRave – the system that shows us how we experience our dream life.

Inside this masterclass, you’ll learn...

✅ What's going on when we're asleep and how Ra obtained this information,
✅ The three planes of the Dream World,
✅ How to know whether or not you should sleep alone,
✅ How to prime your body to get the best rest possible before going to sleep

If you're up at night struggling with falling asleep or waking up feeling like you didn't actually sleep because you were working in your dream all night, you won't want to miss this eye-opening class.

Meet Your Teacher

Tiffani Purdy is a Human Design Teacher, Energy & Marketing Strategist, and Creator of The ENRICH Formula™ and Influence Imprint Method. She's been helping work-at-home families learn and use Human Design in a down-to-earth, actionable way since 2017. She lives and works from home with her Sacral Generator daughter and Sacral Mani Gen boyfriend in Tampa, Florida.

What's included?

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