ENRICHed: The Course

a self-led version of the highly acclaimed live program for coaches & aspiring coaches who want to learn to use Human Design in their practice

What makes ENRICHed: The Course different than the original program, The ENRICH Formula™?

Let's cut to the chase. You already know about ENRICH.

You've seen the posts. You've heard the hype. You want in.
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ENRICHed: The Course is almost identical to the Live program, except...

👉🏽 While ENRICH Live students get content updates every time a new class is taught, ENRICHed: The Course is a standalone, self-led program that will not update any further.

👉🏼 In ENRICH Live, students get to submit their workbooks and demonstration videos for personalized feedback from Tiffani. Students in ENRICHed: The Course do not get the feedback element of this program.

👉🏿 ENRICH Live students receive a physical copy of the textbook in addition to the digital copy. Students inside ENRICHed: The Course may purchase a physical copy of the textbook through their local Amazon retailer, if they would like one.

Here's what just a few past students have had to say about ENRICH:

What's included?

Video Icon 13 videos File Icon 11 files Text Icon 6 text files

Upon enrollment, you get instant access to:

Welcome to ENRICH 👋
Hello from Tiffani
2 mins
Join the Slack Community
2020 Office Hours Call Calendar
Course Assets 📚
Download the Textbook
11.6 MB
Purchase a Physical Textbook
Required Reading
Apps We Use
Part One: Information 🧠
Human Design (Pt 1)
(2h 20m 58s)
Day One Workbook
202 KB
Human Design (Pt 2)
(2h 00m 52s)
Day Two Workbook
139 KB
(2h 14m 45s)
Day Three Workbook
116 KB
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
(1h 59m 39s)
Day Four Workbook
139 KB
Part Two: Demonstration 👩‍🏫
Demonstrating Reading Charts
(2h 13m 15s)
Demonstrating Coaching
(1h 56m 16s)
Demonstrating Goal Setting
(2h 30m 15s)
Part Three: Implementation 📝
Mission Statement + Ideal Client
(1h 51m 36s)
Offer + Strategy
(2h 07m 07s)
Implementation Workbook
228 KB
After Level 1 ✨
Join the Affiliate Program
2 mins
Affiliate Toolkit Package
Upgrade to the Live Class
Bonuses 🎉
Business Tools to Experiment With
The Requirements List Spreadsheet
Client Intake Form Template
23.7 KB
Lead Your Own Implementation Day
2.31 MB
Office Hours 📞
October 2020
(1h 56m 00s)
November 2020
(1h 07m 21s)

Meet Your Teacher

Tiffani Purdy is a Human Design Teacher, Energy & Marketing Strategist, and Creator of The ENRICH Formula™ and Influence Imprint Method. She's been helping work-at-home families learn and use Human Design in a down-to-earth, actionable way since 2017. She lives and works from home with her Sacral Generator daughter and Sacral Mani Gen boyfriend in Tampa, Florida.

You've Got Q's, I've Got A's

I'm a total newbie and don't have a business yet. Am I ready for ENRICH?

I won’t sugarcoat it for you – if you’re at the beginning of your online business career, you’ll have to put the work in. It would be nice if we could just create an offer, post about it on our Instagram a couple of times, and have people lining up to buy from us and receive our gifts… but that’s not really how this works. Don’t worry, though. ENRICH is here to show you exactly what to do, from the very beginning. (Frankly, ENRICH is the program I wish was available when I got started!)

I already know my coaching niche. Can ENRICH still help me?

Absolutely! While people who are totally fresh to coaching and might not know their niche yet will be learning about the main “umbrella niches” that we see in the coaching community, you will have the benefit of being able to zero in on the information, demonstrations, and application styles that work best for your niche right from the start.

I want to upgrade to the Live class! Can I do that?

Yes! Inside the Student Dashboard, you'll find a coupon code to take $497 off The ENRICH Formula™, so you can upgrade your ENRICH experience by joining the Live program without losing your investment.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this program and its delivery process, there are no refunds offered for ENRICH. I’ve designed this program to be as easy to access, understand, process, and use as possible – but it only works if you commit to watching the classes on-demand in your Student Dashboard. If you’re not ready to do that, I suggest you wait to invest in ENRICH until you ARE ready.