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Learn Human Design and its practical applications here in the masterclass library! Choose a course and hop right in – you get instant access to all materials upon enrollment.

The Penta

Learn more about THE PENTA MEMBERSHIP: Your home for learning and growing with the support of Human Design, hosted by Tiffani Purdy

The ENRICH Formula™

The one-of-a-kind Live program that fuses Human Design with Astrology + NLP, and shows you how to use it in your coaching business.

ENRICH Your Biz: The Workshop

a 5-day Live experience showing you how to use Human Design to start (or enhance!) your profitable online coaching business

ENRICHed: The Course

The self-led version of the highly acclaimed program that shows coaches how to learn + use Human Design with their clients.

The Influence Imprint Guide

Learn how to read your personal Operating Manual AND how to use that info to build your brand the easiest, most profitable way possible

The Influence Imprint Workshop

a 5-Day Workshop to show you how you can use the Influence Imprint Method to build an aligned, profitable brand with Human Design

The Aligned AF Biz Bundle

Get access to the Aligned AF Business Workshop, and masterclasses The Reason You Are Here and Supportive Scheduling by Design – save $25!

Be a Better Ally Using Your Human Design Masterclass

Use your Human Design to help you figure out the way you're best designed to take a stand as an active anti-racist.

Emotional Authority Book

Get the full-length book and workbook that focuses on the relationship between Emotional Authorities and the Emotionally Undefined.

Meet Your Teacher

Tiffani Purdy is a Human Design Teacher, Energy & Marketing Strategist, and Creator of The ENRICH Formula™ and Influence Imprint Method. She's been helping work-at-home families learn and use Human Design in a down-to-earth, actionable way since 2017. She lives and works from home with her Sacral Generator daughter and Sacral Mani Gen boyfriend in Tampa, Florida.